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After launching in September we were so inspired by all the killer feedback we got for issue one, that we forged right ahead and here’s issue two of the ULTIMATE UNDERGROUND BIBLE to get your ‘head around.

With the ‘Head on tour around Europe at the moment, we caught up with Lemmy in 2012 AND Lemmy in 1981 (courtesy of the memory of veteran journo Garry Bushell) for our cover story and also delved into the past with FIRST EVER Finnish heavy metal band SARCOFAGUS, Metal Queen DORO, the label that launched Metallica and Slayer METAL BLADE and look at the first TIAMAT album and the legacy of INCANTATION!

Not one to discard the future though we also chat to FUNERAL THRONE, RUINS, DRAGGED INTO SUNLIGHT, HEXVESSEL, NECROS CHRISTOS, NECROCURSE, VAMPIRE, VEKTOR, WEAPON and much, much more


WELCOME to the first issue of Iron Fist. I can’t believe I’m writing the editorial to this magazine. It’s been an exciting but stressful few months from conception to birth. The magazine was born, like all good things, after some serious drinking and instead of waking up laughing off the insane ideas that were discussed over good wine, good friends and good music, I was encouraged to make a go of it, and here is the first in hopefully many issues of a magazine solely dedicated to heavy fuckin’ metal and its bastard offspring.

The first time I realised this was needed was when watching King Diamond at Hellfest. I was utterly inspired by a man, who despite everything he’d been through, put on a real, old-fashioned triumph of a rock ‘n’ roll concert. He didn’t just play a show, he put on a show. If I could distil just one tenth of that passion, excitement and invention into Iron Fist then I would have succeeded. After much soul-searching (and running away to a beach in Devon!) I decided to get my arse into gear.

I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Iron Fist crew, for whom I now … Read More

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