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“From the very beginning, Landskap was supposed to be a psychedelic rock band with hard rock, prog and krautrock influences,” says bassist/rhythm guitarist Frederic Caure (Serpentcult, ex-Thee Plague of Gentlemen), talking about the five-piece band he formed after moving from Belgium to London in 2012. “Unfortunately I believe the reason why people are labelling us under the doom tag is probably because we opened our album [titled ‘I’] with our slowest song that has quite a bit of a Sabbath-y feel to it. There are clear connotations with doom, hell, I’ve been playing it for ages, but I believe there’s something essentially different in our songwriting and approach. We focus mainly on the jamming aspect, and we’re mainly influenced by the styles we set out to play.”

What makes Landskap sound so distinctive is that insatiable need to allow each organ-driven song the time and space to develop organically out of free-flowing, late ’60s and early ’70s sepia-soaked jam sessions. This past January, Landskap released ‘I’ through Bandcamp as a “name your price” digital download, but have now decided to ally with the infamous Iron Bonehead for a vinyl release, scheduled for May 16.

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