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Just before December 31, as the world turned from 2012, a year that was meant to see humanity hurtling towards its prophetic end, into the unlucky 13, Black Oath, a band we have been feverishly evangelising, offered a new song to their most devoted disciples, and not only that but announced it featured guest guitars from Sebastian Ramstedt of Nifelheim/Necrophobic fame. We had to find out more…

We met the Nifelheim freaks two years ago at Metal Magic Festival in Denmark,” the collective voice of the band tell us of this exciting partnership. “Some days after we received a message from Sebastian asking if we were interested to collaborate with him. At first, he was supposed to play an Alice Cooper cover with us at Hell’s Pleasure, but, due to time it wasn’t possible, so we asked him to play some guitar on the new record and the final result is now online.”

Wanting to know as much as possible about this forthcoming record we asked the band for more details, but they were typically cloak and dagger. The band told us that, “yes, that track will be on our next album [‘Ov Qliphoth And Darkness’]. We already played it live twice and it is killer on stage! We’ll keep the title secret until the album will be ready and then we will reveal all details about it. There are faster tracks and much more obscurity. Just be patient for one or two more months.”

We’re not sure we can! For those not aware of the brilliance of Black Oath, let the band convince you:

Black Oath took life during resting periods of our previous bands,” the nameless interviewee tells us of their birth. “We started creating music without having a particular goal. We just let feeling come reality through our instruments. When we decided to record the first material we had no idea about the final result, not even a single vocal melody was played during rehearsal session. It was Black Oath taking life by itself, the ‘Italian way’. Cursed Rock Musick.

We can’t imagine this ‘musick’ without spiritual and dark atmosphere. It is the result, the summit of the feeling we want to create on the listener… like old horror movies.You should feel anguished at the end.

Some gigs are already planned this year and we would love to come to the UK too,” the band conclude. “After the release of the new album we want to play live as much as possible, bringing new tracks to everybody who need to feel the curse. We would like to make a real tour but as we are an unknown band there are many difficulties. Maybe in the dark future something will happen. We’ll see…”

Hopefully they will be unknown no longer.


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