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German death metal pioneers Morgoth, who returned to the scene with last year’s comeback album ‘Ungod’ have confirmed they will be touring throughout Europe with Incantation in April.

This coincides with the recent news that Century Media have re-released their first two MLPs, ‘Resurrection Absurd’ from 1989 and ‘The Eternal Fall’ from 1990, as well as their debut album ‘Cursed’ from 1991, which is hailed as a milestone in the career of the band and doubtlessly among some of the best Teutonic death metal ever.

Now mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel and his Temple Of Disharmony (who has twiddled knobs for Massacra, Grave and Possessed), the two MLPs and the debut return with new layouts that give more than a nerdy nod to the original releases.

As well as being back on black, they will also come in limited edition colour vinyl with ‘Resurrection Absurd’ on lilac limited to 100 and clear vinyl limited to 100. ‘The Eternal Fall will come on red and clear (both limited to 100). ‘Cursed’ is printed on transparent green and clear. Get them all as well as other Morgoth releases from CM Distro.

The dates of the tour for Europe are:
12.04.2016 Vienna (Austria) – Viper Room
13.04.2016 Poznan (Poland) – U Bazyla
14.04.2016 Ostrava (Czech Republic) – Barrack Club
15.04.2016 Erfurt (Germany) – Club From Hell
16.04.2016 Rheine (Germany) – Hypothalamus
17.04.2016 Drachten (The Netherlands) – Iduna / Stonehenge Indoor Fest * + Gorguts
18.04.2016 Rotterdam (The Netherlands) – Baroeg
19.04.2016 Chapelle-lez-Herlamoint (Belgium) – Maison Du Peuple
20.04.2016 London (UK) – Nambucca
21.04.2016 Glasgow (UK) – Audio
22.04.2016 Southampton (UK) – The Talking Heads
23.04.2016 Oberhausen (Germany) – Helvete



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