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Barren Earth – On Lonely Towers

With Swallow The Sun frontman Mikko Kotamäki having trodden this Barren Earth since forming back in 2007 his departure may come as a bit of a surprise, especially as the Finns have recruited Jón Aldará from The Faroe Islands of all places to replace him. It takes a few listens … Read More

Heretic – Alive Under Satan

It’s rather hard to forget Heretic after the Dutch mob spunked up 2013’s delightfully entitled ‘Angelcunts And Devilcocks’ album. Now they’re back with a hard punching EP of eight short, sharp, slabs of sleaze, all with Satan at their heart. Rocking in hard with the locomotive outta control bombast of … Read More

Turbocharged – Militant

Sometimes all you really need in life is for a HM-2 pedal being pushed to the metal, delivering a good belt around the chops in the process. That’s exactly what we get here from Sweden’s Turbocharged– 12 tracks, 40 minutes, all killer and not an ounce of filler. Considering ex-Gehennah … Read More

Black Feast – Larenuf Jubileum

Shat out the frozen bowels of Finland and reeking of all manner of foul odours, many of them with a definite stench of Beherit, this is a collection of rare demo material and previously unreleased tracks from the now-defunct band.


Forming in 1993, it took Yorkshire, UK’s traditional metal mob ASOMVEL 16 years to put out their debut full-length, but 2009’s ‘KAMIKAZE’ was the attack British metal needed. Four years on and the band are not resting and in the wake of the death of founding frontman JAY-JAY WINTER they … Read More