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Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love

What started in 1999 for Ferdinando “Herr Morbid” Marchisio as a solo project has flourished over 15 years to become an influential act within suicidal black metal, an expanded musical palette evolving over seven albums whilst nurturing a pervasive atmosphere of negativity. Forgotten Tomb’s eighth, ‘Hurt Yourself And The Ones … Read More

Sabbath Assembly – Sabbath Assembly

Sabbath Assembly’s fifth release marks something of a rebirth for these zealots, their previous four records written around the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgement, a religious order prevalent in the ‘60s and ‘70s, renown for worshipping both Christ and Satan.

The Antichrist Imperium – The Antichrist Imperium

Luckily for those that like a bit of distinguished perversion with their Satanism, ex-Akercocke members Matt Wilcock and David Gray have reunited following the 2012 split of their former (tweed) outfit, with The Antichrist Imperium, resurrecting and reworking unused material from the Akercocke album that never was and taking it in a new, yet instantly familiar direction, mating devastating blastbeats and classic thrash riffs with the seductively blasphemous.

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