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Following on from her interview with the one and only Lita Ford we unleashed our metal maiden on THE metal maiden DORO PESCH to talk about her new 2-disc DVD ‘Strong And Proud’, her fans, her soul, smoking a pack of cigarettes in an hour with Lemmy and never doing karaoke!

Doro Pesch is all she is! 30 years on she reigns ‘Strong And Proud’, weaving her metal magik throughout the lands. She rules with a very metal but kind heart! In fact, it actually felt more like we were talking through a dream catcher than a phone line. I felt captured by her warrior spirit, innate positivity and wisdom; only Doro is real!

So how in the hell does this Teutonic maiden manage to keep on doing it or ‘’rockin’ zie haus” as she calls it?!? Hot rockin’ vocals, hot rockin’ headbangin’, martial arts, her commitment as an animal activist and UBER ALLES, her fans sure as hell have something to do with! (I guess you’ll have to watch the movie to find out…)

So who RSVP’d for the extensive one year ‘Strong And Proud’ tour party and where else but Wacken would be more apt for Doro to start spreading her unholy love? … Read More


Okay, back up a bit. Let me explain how this interview came to be. This is the first in a new series of conversations between LA heavy maiden, Joanna Marie Beaumont. Jo is a full-on heavy metal queen but never would I thought to have asked her to write for Iron Fist, until one drunken taxi ride from our hotel to Brofest back in 2014. There we are, in the back of this cab and she’s chatting away to the driver. But the end of the ride she knows his whole fucking life story, the names of his kids, how he ended up pushing pedal for a living and I just had a lightbulb moment. Fast-forward a few months, a move to LA and we finally convinced Jo to hit the phone and chat to stiletto queen, edge-dancing, dressed to kill, lady-killer LITA FORD 

Long Beach Jailbait to Hollywood Heartbreaker, nothing’s gonna stop Lita, not even a flat on her Dodge Ram. Leather on Lace, she continues to hold her title as the ultimate Hard Rock Queen and OH yes, she’s still Out for Blood with her New(old) album ‘Time Capsule’.

Awarded ‘Certified Legend’ in 2014 by Guitar Player Magazine, Lita plays … Read More

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