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One of our favourite new bands of 2015, Saturn, have released their first video for ‘Rokktori’.

The song came from their debut album ‘Ascending (Live In Space), which came out earlier this year on Rise Above Records.

The band said on their Facebook page: “We’re releasing our first music video soon. We released the album last summer but fuck it, better late than never right?”

In issue 12, Iron Fist writer Marek Steven described the Swedish band as “Not a carbon copy of the multitude of other new bands repeating the heavy metal blueprint, Saturn have the chops to back up their groove and swagger”.

The band told us that “We are Saturn. We play Space Metal! We share the same passion for old school rock ‘n’ roll and heavy metal, primarily from the ’70s, but also older progressive rock and thrash. Firstly, we are friends and a band second, it’s all about having fun.”

Of the album, bass player Oscar Bo Valentine Pehrson said of the title: “It is semi-live. All instruments are recorded live in one take. ‘Live In Space’ is a bit of hint of this and a small joke on our part. Like I said, its all about having fun. However, I would not have anything against … Read More


Twin innovators who forged metal in their own wayward images with nary a thought for either compromise or common sense, BUDGIE and DIAMOND HEAD were enormous influences on the early days of Metallica, with Dave Mustaine even claiming that it was his love of the former that sealed the deal when it came to his gig with the Four Horsemen. Yet, as Diamond Head’s Brian Tatler confirms, they both might have been forgotten had it been for the aforementioned San Fran saviours. Never fear; interviews with both Tatler – who takes us back to the making of the debut ‘Lightning To The Nations’ – and Budgie frontman Burke Shelley in our second anniversary issue mark the perfect reminder of a maverick spirit that embodies why we started Iron Fist in the first place.

Acrimoniously ejected from Metallica in 1983, it didn’t take long for guitarist Dave Mustaine to saddle up and form MEGADETH with a glint of revenge in his eye. By May 1985 he had delivered the ultimate comeback in the form of ‘Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good’, with more spite, more speed and more “state of the art heavy metal”than the majority of that era’s rivetheads could believe. With the album reissued this month, Jim Martin talks to Dave Mustaine, Dave Ellefson and man-on-the-scene Brian … Read More

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