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Napalm Records have signed heavy metal warriors HammerFall, it has just been announced. Stating that “A new era in the history of Napalm Records has begun, and this is it! The signing of the mighty HammerFall is now official – signed, sealed and inked in blood! The saviours of heavy metal and one of the most influential and best metal bands on the globe are now under the wings of the double-headed eagle! A band which is not only a house-hold name worldwide, guaranteed for delivering high-quality music and furious live shows for the past two decades, HammerFall have been the undisputed masters of ground-breaking anthems since the start of their remarkable career in 1993!  What’s most exciting about HammerFall is that the band are still on the rise and hungry for even more and now have a label partner by their side that is willing to go above and beyond to make this happen. This partnership is set to conquer the music world!”

One of the favourites of the Iron Fist stereo and saviours of the steel in the low late ’90s and early 2000s, this is great news for the future of the ‘Fall. Their singer Joacim Cans said: “After two exciting decades in the … Read More


Former Motörhead manager Tom Doherty has joined ranks with Plastichead’s Steve Beatty to launch a new record label, Dissonance Productions, it has been announced.

The label, which launches next month, will be distributed by Plastichead and Beatty’s new American arm, Abstract Distribution and will focus solely on established artists and back catalogue, many of which are rarely off the stereo at Iron Fist UK.

Concentrating on reissues from across the extreme metal world, including Venom, Nifelheim, Tiamat and Sacrilege, Dissonant will also unearth some gems from the NWOBHM age that are long overdue re-releasing, including albums by Angel Witch, Satan, Diamond Head, Quartz and Soldier.

Beatty says: “I’m excited by the label, we have unearthed some real gems and we are signing some great acts that I am honoured to be working with. Old friendships are being renewed and new partnerships found. It’s old school and I love it.”

Doherty adds: “It’s a great start for the label and we have some amazing releases being scheduled. The label will stand out as a key player in this market, I feel a real shot in the arm with what we have coming up.”


Metallica have just announced that they will reissue ‘Kill ‘Em All’ and ‘Ride The Lightning’ on April 15. Both albums have been remastered and will be available in three formats – CD, vinyl, and Deluxe Box set. Both Deluxe Box sets include original source material from the band’s personal collection with many never before heard or seen recordings, along with a book including rare photos and essays from those who were there.

The deluxe numbered box set of ‘Kill ‘Em All’ includes four vinyl records, five CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including rare photos and a patch, while the deluxe numbered box set of ‘Ride the Lightning’ includes four vinyl records, six CDs, one DVD, a deluxe book including more of those unseen photos, a mini-book of lyrics handwritten by James Hetfield and a set of three posters.  The Deluxe Box sets are limited edition collectors’ items. Check out for the full package details and track listing.

Fans can pre-order both Deluxe Box sets at the Met Store now and all six new items will be available on Friday April 15, just in time for Record Store Day.



Ultimate heavy metal tribute act, The Iron Maidens have been forced to change venue for their debut London show on April 14 to the 02 Islington Academy as the Shepherds Bush Empire remains closed for further roof works, it has been reported.

Following the closure of O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in December 2015 and further inspections, structural engineers have advised that works to the roof structure will extend into April 2016. All shows will be moved to other venues in London or rescheduled as necessary.

The world’s only all-female Iron Maiden tribute band The Iron Maidens will now play their one-off London show at the O2 Islington Academy on April 14. Tickets for the Shepherd’s Bush Empire show are valid for the new venue

Singer Kirsten Chickinson said: ‘For years people have been asking when we’re coming to the UK so it feels almost surreal that it’s finally happening. To play London – the city where Iron Maiden actually began in 1975 – is thrilling and also daunting; I expect the ‘home’ fans to be the most discerning but we are definitely up for the challenge! To see where it all began, this is hallowed ground.”

Formed in 2001 in Southern California, the Iron Maidens … Read More


What a landmark five years is. Replacing one of our favourite underground festivals Hole In The Sky, Beyond the Gates Festival celebrates it’s half-decade anniversary in style this year. One of our favourite festivals, run with passion and dedication much like its predecessor, we recommend you head to Bergen in Norway between August 24-27. 

So far the festival has announced

Venom Inc (UK) Degial (S) Malthusian (IRL) Saturnalia Temple (S) The Spirit Cabinet (NL) Gehennah (S) Black Magic (N) Sortilegia (CA) Secrets of the Moon (DE) Urfaust (NL) Magister Templi (N)

It reads like an Iron Fist features list and that’s the way we like it, baby! See you there 


Grand Magus have announced their new studio album will be titled ‘Sword Songs’. The Swedish heavy metal trio with release their eighth studio album on May 13th through Nuclear Blast. The epic cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist Anthony Roberts (No, not our photographer!).

Frontman JB said: “We put all of our sweat, blood and tears into this new album and I think that you can hear that. For me, ‘Sword Songs’ is the best Grand Magus album ever! The new songs are faster and more aggressive than on ‘Triumph And Power’ and we have also included some more extreme and harder stuff. I’m convinced that there are some future classics on the disc!”

‘Sword Songs’ was produced by Nico Elgstrand at Studio Supa in Stockholm, Sweden with Roberto Laghi at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg taking care of recording Ludwig Witt’s drums. The album was mixed by Roberto and mastered by Svante Forsbäck in Helsinki.

We can also reveal that the tracklist is as mythical and steeped in Norse lore as we would expect from the wolfpack: 1. Freja’s Choice 2. Varangian 3. Forged In Iron – Crowned In Steel 4. Born For Battle (Black Dog Of Brocéliande) 5. Master Of The Land 6. Last One To … Read More


Teutonic thrash masters Destruction have unleashed the cover artwork to their upcoming album ‘Under Attack’. The apocalyptic vision was created by Gyula from Hungary, who has also worked with Annihilator, Grave Digger and Stratovarius.

The band said: “I had the vision of the exploding earth with the Destruction skull as continents before we even had the title. Never has the earth and every individual been so under attack: whether it’s environmental issues, wars or politics and media madness, we just destroy everything that we love! The cover brings together the classical concepts of the band’s history and fits in well with the discography but unfortunately it also represents the current state of the world today!”

The band started the recording sessions for ‘Under Attack’ after the summer festivals last year and have been recording segments in various studios between September 2015 and January 2016. So far they have completed the drum recordings with Martin Buchwalter at Gernhart Studios in Germany, as well as completing some of the abum, including mixing and mastering with VO Pulver at Little Creek Studios in Switzerland.

‘Under Attack’ will be released on May 13 via Nuclear Blast Records.


Sweden’s epic doom troupe Ereb Altor have announced they will a release a digital and vinyl-only Bathory tribute “to honour Quorthon with all their heart and soul!”

‘Blot – Ilt – Taut’, which is old Swedish and means “Blood – Fire – Death”, will be released on February 26th 2016 through Cyclone Empire. The album was mixed and mastered by Jonas Lindström at Studio Apocalypse. The cover artwork and layout was done by Robban Kanto.

Mats from the band said: “During the years of Ereb Altor I have often been confronted with these words: ‘You should record some Bathory hymns!’. And recently this has happened more frequently, perhaps due to the fact that we at some rare occasions have done a Bathory song or two live. This has been haunting my mind. If we would do this, how should we do this? There is only one answer to that question: WE WILL DO IT FROM THE HEART! And for us it was also important to put our Ereb Altor touch on these magnificent works of Quorthon. The classic albums that I grew up with are closer to my heart than the post ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ albums. So we decided to do only songs from … Read More


Japanese doom kings Church Of Misery have revealed the details of their sixth studio album, ‘And Then There Were None’.

‘And Then There Were None’ is a typically blood-soaked trip through homicidal hell, with songs, as always, inspired by serial killers, however there is some change in the COM camp. Bassist and mastermind Tatsu Mikami found himself forced to find new collaborators in 2014 but wisely chose some names very familiar to the Iron Fist world. Blood Farmers guitarist Dave “Depraved” Szulkin joins the cult, alongside Earthride drummer Eric Little and Repulsion/Cathedral man Scott Carlson on vocals.

With members strewn across America and Japan, Tatsu says; “[This] was a challenge because there was not much time to make this record— only two weeks. One week for rehearsals and then one week to record all materials.”

Scott Carlson wrote all the lyrics, which also marks the first time he’s done vocals for a full-length album since Repulsion’s genre-inventing classic, ‘Horrified’.  He comments: “I was afraid to listen to it for a while because I haven’t recorded a full album of vocals in almost 30 years”.


‘And Then There Were None’ will be released via Rise Above Records on March 4. You can listen to a teaser track below courtesy of … Read More


German death metal pioneers Morgoth, who returned to the scene with last year’s comeback album ‘Ungod’ have confirmed they will be touring throughout Europe with Incantation in April.

This coincides with the recent news that Century Media have re-released their first two MLPs, ‘Resurrection Absurd’ from 1989 and ‘The Eternal Fall’ from 1990, as well as their debut album ‘Cursed’ from 1991, which is hailed as a milestone in the career of the band and doubtlessly among some of the best Teutonic death metal ever.

Now mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel and his Temple Of Disharmony (who has twiddled knobs for Massacra, Grave and Possessed), the two MLPs and the debut return with new layouts that give more than a nerdy nod to the original releases.

As well as being back on black, they will also come in limited edition colour vinyl with ‘Resurrection Absurd’ on lilac limited to 100 and clear vinyl limited to 100. ‘The Eternal Fall will come on red and clear (both limited to 100). ‘Cursed’ is printed on transparent green and clear. Get them all as well as other Morgoth releases from CM Distro.

The dates of the tour for Europe are: 12.04.2016 Vienna (Austria) – Viper Room 13.04.2016 Poznan (Poland) – … Read More

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