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“I may lose a lot of underground cred and some hipster points here, but I believe in being completely honest.” Jarvis Leatherby isn’t kidding about honesty. Corresponding with us by email from the three-piece’s 60-date headlining tour of the US, Night Demon‘s bassist and vocalist is big enough to admit that they played to 20 people in New Orleans. But fuck credibility: we’re just plain surprised they didn’t take their name from the classic cut ‘Night Of The Demon’.

“We didn’t even know about Demon until after we started this band,” he reveals. “We were Googling our own band name and found their stuff through that. They quickly became one of my new/old favourite bands. Especially the first three albums.”

Turns out that Night Demon just wanted a name that was also a song: ‘Night Demon’, featured on their much-touted debut EP, was the first song they wrote. “We were surprised that nobody had taken the name. It’s difficult to find cool band names that are out there for the taking, so we just ran with it.” Formed in 2011 in Southern California, the band’s debut full-length has just dropped – and ‘Curse Of The Damned’, released by SPV/Steamhammer earlier this year, is a stone-cold … Read More


Toledo Steel are a tasty new addition to the slowly rising gang of young, old school UK metal troupes. “I’m a fan of swashbuckling films, the age of swords and gunpowder and I used to fence, so whilst trying to think of a band name that packs a punch I remembered Toledo Steel, as swords made from it were strong and hard to break,” drummer Matt Dobson tells us. “Stainless Steel didn’t quite cut it!” The four piece formed in late 2011, in Southampton, after shared friends warned of mutual plans to form a band influenced by NWOBHM and ’80s metal, saying; “We wanted to create a sound that more or less keeps the flame burning for the people we look up to.” A solid demo won them some supports slots for the likes of Iron Knights, High Spirits and Cauldron around the UK. Matt offers that; “playing to a crowd that are really into old school metal and really like what you’re playing means you must be doing something right.” The Steel are indeed an effective live unit with tasty playing and a natural energy that is both genuine and fun. So what’s next for these keen newbies? “We have … Read More


The demise of the local record shop is saddening on many levels, but the pinboards consigned to the skip out back is maybe the most heart-breaking. For where else can you find notices about crates of NWOBHM 7”s for sale, weed-smoking/doom-loving room-mates needed and most importantly little tabs of scrawled phone numbers asking if anyone wants to start a band. For that is exactly how the ’80s obsessed metal nerds of Alpha Tiger met. “I saw a notice on a board in our local music store. Someone was searching for another guitar player so I called him and we met,” explains guitarist Peter Langforth. “It was Alex [Backasch, guitars] and fortunately we had a similar taste in music.” That similar taste is music encompasses everything from “Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Crimson Glory, Fates Warning and Riot,” which is alright in our book! The band formed as Satin Black in 2007 and were quickly snapped up by Karl Walterbach, he of Noise Records fame, for his new imprint Sonic Attack, but a line-up change and name change later and the band found themselves on the stages of Keep It True and Hellfest festivals and on Century Media Records for their new … Read More

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