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By now, it’s been three years since Tribulation’s breakout LP, ‘The Horror,’ was unleashed, and fans of their sinister death metal odes have been clamouring for more. The album dropped just on the cusp of what would become the recent old school death metal explosion, and immediately stood out from the pack with its sheer power and diabolical intent. Turns out this Swedish mob were just as impatient to record its successor, but, like any good band, were unwilling to sacrifice quality for speed.

“It’s actually been over five years since we recorded the album,” their guitarist, Adam Zaars, reveals from their studio in Arvika. “I wouldn’t say that anything kept us from doing it, it just took that long because of the way we worked on it. When you write songs in an unconventional way, as we did this time, things might take time. We waited for the album to come to us rather than sitting down forcing it out.”

Good things come to those who wait, and it already seems like we’ll be in for a treat come 2013, thanks to Ireland’s mighty Invictus Productions.

“We actually had a lot of labels hover over our heads trying to pull us into … Read More


When a band decides to avoid the Heavy Metal Mad Libs school of thought (i.e. Black, Dark or Death + any other word = instant band name!) and instead throws a curveball like Biipiigwan, it’s safe to assume that there’s a story behind it. “A biipiigwan is a type of flute that Anishinaabe people used as signalling devices in battles a long time ago. The etymology of the word relates to a general term for songbirds and though I didn’t know that at the time. I’m glad I learned that because I got tired of the name a few months after starting,” chuckles Musqwaunquot Rice, who handles guitars and vocals for the Canadian quartet. Rice’s First Nations heritage may have informed Biipiigwan’s christening, but their sound is a furious geographical mélange of Unsane, Black Cobra, Buzzoven and Neurosis, laced with enough acerbic grindcore to land them on stages with Canuck pals Fuck The Facts. Rice’s approximation of their sound keeps it simple.
“Loud, sludgy, a bit abrasive and kind of dark. People tend to hear different styles and influences in our music and most of the time it’s bands and even genres I’ve never heard of. I’m really not that metal, man.” Their … Read More


Italian death merchants Into Darkness are a very young band, teetering on the cusp of releasing their very first demo tape via Unholy Domain Records (which Iron Bonehead will then commit to 12” vinyl) but their sound is rooted firmly in the darkest, dankest corners of the past. Vocalist and axe-slinger Giulia Doomed Warrior asserts, “Into Darkness is for fans of death/doom in the late ’80s/early ’90s vein, like Asphyx, my favourite band, Bolt Thrower, Cianide, Coffins, Thorr’s Hammer, Disembowelment, Paradise Lost, Goatlord, Crypt of Kerberos…” and the list continues, as her passion for the most pestilential of death metal’s doomed offerings is made all too apparent. She’s got the chops to back it up, as well, as Into Darkness’ eponymous demo shows with its merciless onslaught of dirty, sewer-dwelling riffs, ragged howls, and searing solos.

“To be honest my first idea was to have a 100 percent female band in the vein of Derketa, Mythic and November Grief, but to find a skilled female drummer was impossible, and we are absolutely satisfied with Anguicious, both as musician and as person,” she explains. “We started to rehearse some riffs in late 2011, but it wasn’t until Anguicious (Mefitic’s drummer) joined us … Read More


Let’s let Oslo’s grind youngers Gouge have the first words. “We are Gouge, we play music. We listened to Repulsion a lot and formed Gouge because we felt we had to. So Repulsion is a big influence and Dr Shrinker, Autopsy, Nihilist and the Funeral demo.” Gouge arrived on the scene recently with a cast-iron demo that is arguably one of the best ‘grind’ debuts released since the old days. Herman plays drums and Christoffer plays guitars and sings. Their first gig was actually on the mid-September day in 2012 that Iron Fist and Gouge had a chat. The two core members employed Jonas Bye of Mabuse for bass duties for the live show and they don’t plan to play many gigs but a full length album is halfway finished and likely to see the light of day in 2013. Until then they, “will just keep on working, drinking beer and playing music.” They’re a great example of the new generation bringing unshakable energy into the extreme music scene. They naturally employ a fresh approach, which is entirely unprejudiced by modern versions of our music. They only know the greats and use a similar sound to the classics to play new … Read More


Based on their moniker alone, Lord Fist, who formed in 2011 in Mekkali, Finland, were bound to appear in these pages, right? But our main source of motivation to shine the light on them remains their extremely promising old school, NWOBHM-inspired four-track demo ‘Spark For The Night’, released both on CDr and tape and whose logo alone (designed by Possessor who already worked with Armour and Axegressor) will take you back to 1982!

“Lord Fist got started with a friendly jam session,” reveals drummer, Eetu Orbinski. “We were just jamming some riffs and suddenly we had this ‘Chains Of Steel’ tune put together. After all those years of playing extreme metal styles, it just sounded and felt heavier than anything we had done before. When playing this kind of music we enter a whole other level of existence and we’re seriously addicted to it. People have different ways to reach these kind of feelings and for us it’s heavy metal. We actually think that this very song still holds the very finest essence of what Lord Fist is about.”

Like fellow retro-obsessed bands Speedtrap or Evil-Lÿn, Eetu doesn’t deny their eyes are set on the golden era of the genre but according … Read More


When ‘Infernal Blasphemies’, the three track demo (on tape format, obviously), was released in early 2010 on the now defunct Detest Records imprint, it seemed like an elusive project for Michel Jonker, former drummer with Absorbed and Massive Assault, the d-beat war machine from Groningen, Holland. Still, even if he had left his previous band because he was “too busy with other things”, this veteran musician kept on playing music at home “just for fun”. He eventually ended up writing and performing this first raw recording by himself telling Iron Fist; “this was the music I wanted to play. It’s raw, furious, has simple songs structures and an old school vibe. As simple as that!”

But two years later, Entrapment has grown into something much bigger than a simple hobby. So besides gathering a line-up, including members from Massive Assault and God Dethroned, for live duties, Michel has put out ‘Irreligious Abominations’, a compilation of all three demos plus a bunch of live tracks through Godeater Records. He also found time to record Entrapment’s first proper full-length, ‘The Obscurity Within’, on Soulseller, assisted by live member Jeroen Vrielink who played bass and lead guitar on the album. After denying trying to … Read More


Sweden’s latest offering of death comes from the mysterious Vampire, a three-piece that recently released its debut self-titled demo tape via Ljudkassett (which sold out in a matter of days). For a band that had no presence prior to the month of September, vocalist/drummer Hand of Doom sheds some light.

“[Guitarist] Black String and I started making music around 2009 with no idea of what we wanted to achieve. After a year or two downing beers and switching instruments, [bassist] Command came along.

“We pre-loaded for the Slayer/Metallica gig at my place and listened to Necrophagia’s impossibly ugly ‘Young Burial’ off New Renaissance’s sampler, ‘Thrash Metal Attack’, which made us agree: this is it. We soon wrote the songs on the demo, which were recorded in April, and hooked up with Ljudkassett during the beginning of summer.”

On their first assault, you will find Possessed-like riffing and Celtic Frost-y grooves, but don’t discredit this three-track tape as a mere tribute.

“Death metal is another form of metal that must be aware of its origin and not strive too far away in order to keep its appeal,” explains the frontman. “However, there’s a difference between influence and inspiration.”

“During the sessions, I was heavily into this … Read More


Visa issues may have prevented SADISTIC INTENT from desecrating the UK this summer, but being stuck on the other side of the Channel gave guitarist RICK CORTEZ good chance to give Iron Fist’s Jérôme Maréchal a potted history of metal’s most tortured souls

Let’s avoid the boring “can you please introduce us …” and instead tell us the bands that made you wanna start Sadistic Intent? Looking back on those 20 years, would you do anything different? Rick Cortez: “Technically, Sadistic Intent started in 1986 under a different name but we changed it in 1987 when we brought in a new vocalist. Back in those days we were influenced by the more extreme music of that time; bands such as Slayer, Sodom, Venom, Destruction, Celtic Frost, Dark Angel, Mercyful Fate, Bathory, Discharge, Extreme Noise Terror, Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, Death, Doom, etc. Honestly, I knew back then that our other band members would eventually leave the band within a year or two and I figured that would be the end of Sadistic Intent. All we had in mind was to play backyard party gigs in the LA area, especially because at that time bands like Sadistic Intent were not allowed to play in … Read More

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