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Laser Dracul Laser Dracul

The November Harvest Angela Martyr

War Of The Roses Blazon Stone

Through Realms Unseen Entrapment

Will O' Wisp Nekrokraft

Beheading Tyrants Quicksand Dream

Codex Babalon Caronte

Black Pyres Vornth

Night Demon Night Demon

Iron Times Vader

From Blue To Black Crisix

The Year Is One Spiritus Mortis

Graves Of Ceaseless Death Ruinous

I, The Serpent Liber Null

Master Of Light Freedom Call

The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter Vircolac

Bronze Crippled Black Phoenix

Reborn In Blasphemy Gargoyle

Eidolon Zaum

Only Ghosts Red Fang

Sulfur & Bane Principality Of Hell

Empty Space Meditation Urfaust

XX Dawnbringer

Hunted Khemmis

Keep It Greasy! Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell

Flystrips Reveal

Armor Of Ire Eternal Champion

Rheia Oathbreaker

Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World 11Paranoias

Arctic Thunder Darkthrone

Heaven Bled Hobbs Angel Of Death

Heavy Metal Sacrifice Sacred Steel

Pahuuden Äänet Seremonia

Good Luck Lizzies

Seven Sisters Seven Sisters

Sumerlands Sumerlands